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Vocabulary of The Day for Bank Exam- 07 May

Vocabulary of The Day- 07 May

Adda247’s “Vocabulary of The Day” initiative serves as a valuable resource for candidates looking to enhance their word power. Daily a new word is provided with its meaning, usage examples, synonyms, antonyms, a relevant question, and similar-sounding words with different meanings. This daily vocabulary exercise helps aspirants sharpen their English proficiency, refine both written and spoken communication skills, and achieve success in competitive exams.


Meaning: To Swindle, Deceive.

Newspaper: The Indian Express

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Use of the Word:

Cyber scammers dupe ex-IT firm staffer of Rs. 99 lakhs.

Synonyms: Trick

Antonyms: Dedupe

Q. Which of the following is not a synonym of Dupe?

a) Halve

b) Duplicate

c) Play

d) Trick

Similar Sounding Words with Different meaning:

Wail: To Carry

Whale: To Thrash

Ans. a): Halve is not a synonym of dupe.

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Benefits of Building Vocabulary

Vocabulary serves as a gateway to boost confidence in the English Language section. Here are the reasons why candidates should prioritize and focus on vocabulary development:

  • Exam Success: A broad vocabulary enables candidates to approach the English Language section with confidence leading to improved scores.
  • Linguistic Mastery: Mastering synonyms and antonyms enhances comprehension and fluency enabling candidates to articulate themselves more effectively.
  • Clear Communication: Whether in written or spoken form a varied vocabulary empowers candidates to express themselves confidently making a lasting impact.
  • Language Proficiency: Regular exposure to new words enhances overall English proficiency, laying a solid foundation for language mastery.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Equipped with an extensive vocabulary, candidates can convey their thoughts and opinions with clarity and conviction.


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What is the antonym for the Vocabulary of The Day, "Dupe"?

The antonym for the Vocabulary of The Day, "Dupe" is dedupe.