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IBPS SO IT-Officer Scale-I 2016-17 (2nd Shift) Exam Analysis

प्रिय पाठकों, 

IBPS SO IT-Officer Scale-I 2016-17 (2nd Shift) Exam Analysis | Latest Hindi Banking jobs_3.1

दोस्तों, IBPS SO IT-Officer परीक्षा की दूसरी पाली ख़त्म हो चुकी है. अब बारी है IBPS SO IT-Officer Scale-I परीक्षा (दूसरी पाली) के परीक्षा विश्लेषण की. इस परीक्षा में, कुल चार खंड इंग्लिश, तर्कशक्ति क्षमता, संख्यात्मक अभियोग्यता और व्यावसायिक ज्ञान हैं. इस वर्ष IBPS SO IT Officer Scale-I में व्यावसायिक ज्ञान के अतिरिक्त शेष सभी विषय क्वालीफाइंग हैं. और केवल व्यावसायिक ज्ञान के अंक ही मेरिट निर्धारित करेंगे. IBPS SO IT Officer परीक्षा उन सभी उम्मीदवारों के लिए एक वरदान है, जिन्होंने SBI SO IT-Officer में अपने अंक गँवा दिए थे. इस पाली की परीक्षा कठिन स्तर की थी. तर्कशक्ति और इंग्लिश खंड में पिछली पाली की तरह इसमें भी कुछ सरप्राइज थे. व्यावसायिक ज्ञान खंड का स्तर और पैटर्न पिछले साल से काफी अलग और पिछली पारी के समान था.

The order in which sections appeared: Reasoning-English-Professional Knowledge-Quantitative Aptitude.




Quant was relatively easier than other sections of this examination, with conventional questions being asked students found it a sight of relief in this examination. This section was of Easy-Moderate Level, it had 50 questions and time given was 30 minutes. Topics from which questions were asked were Number Series, Quadratic Equation, Data Interpretation, Simplification and Approximation and Miscellaneous Arithematic Portion.


English Language again brought some big surprises for candidates appearing in today’s exam. This section was of a Difficult level. Questions were of the new pattern, it included passage errors and sentence improvement. Apart from these topics, there were questions from Reading Comprehension (2 set, Technology based- cybercrime and Economy Based-American Govt.), Cloze Test, Appropriate/Inappropriate Words and Jumbled Paragraph. 

REASONING ABILITY (Moderate- Difficult)

This section had 50 questions and time given was 30 minutes. Many questions were of same level and type as those asked in IBPS PO Prelims 2016. Overall the section was Moderate to Difficult. Topics from which questions were asked were, Inequalities ( 5Q easy) Syllogism (5Q Easy-Moderate), Puzzles and Seating Arrangement (20Q Difficult, 2 variable puzzles), Passage Inference (5Q Difficult), Data Sufficiency it included blood relaton, ranking and direction sense (5Q Moderate-Difficult). 

Many questions and topics asked in this section were covered in Career Power Test Series, so those students who have attempted that test found it to be relatively moderate. This is the deciding section, as the scores obtained in professional knowledge out of maximum 80 marks will be the deciding factor if a candidate’s name will be in the merit list. This time there was a surprise in this section as well as a majority of questions were from Networking portion rather than being from DBMS. 

Following are some topics from which questions were asked in this section: 
Unix and Commands used in UNIX -cd, ls and man
2 Questions were from Abstraction in Java and one questions was asked class of static variable in Java,
Majority of the questions asked were from Network Security
1 question related to why iOS and Android do not get affected from malicious software
Questions related to OSI Layers and devices used in OSI Layers
4 questions from Routing Protocols
3-4 questions were also asked from Software Engineering
Data Mining and Data Warehousing
3NF Normal form in DBMS
Operating System
Function of hardware keys in mobile (volume+power key)

All the best for upcoming exams!!!!!

IBPS SO IT-Officer Scale-I 2016-17 (2nd Shift) Exam Analysis | Latest Hindi Banking jobs_4.1

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