IBPS Clerk Prelims English Language 2nd November, 2020 - Miscellaneous

IBPS Clerk Prelims English Language 2nd November, 2020 - Miscellaneous


Directions (1-5); Which of the phase (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each sentence should replace the word/phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and 'No correction is required' mark (5) as the answer. 

Q1.   A freezing morning accompanied by a dense cover of fog set the toning for the coming weekend.

(a) keeping tone

(b) started the toning

(c) kept the tone

(d) set the tone

(e) No correction required

Q2.   The jail is in the news again with the finding of a postal and some bullets.

(a) to finding

(b) with find

(c) finding

(d) on found

(e) No correction required

Q3    The space-crunched city throws up several stories of struggle that school have had put up with to win playground for their students.

(a) have had to put up

(b) had put up to

(c) have had to put up with

(d) had to put up to

(e) No correction required

Q4.   Emotions was high as both families were taken to the police station last night.

(a) Emotions went higher

(b) Emotion become high

(c) Emotionally high

(d) Emotions ran high

(e) No correction required

Q5.   Work at all the court complexes was paralysed as lawyers went on a day-long strike as a mark of protest.

(a) For a one day strikes

(b) For a one strike

(c) On a day's long strike

(d) On a day-long striking

(e) No correction required

Directions (6-15): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

Every now and then, we confront unpleasant events and outcomes. It could be a dental implant gone awry, a relationship turning sour, friends letting you down, workplace stress or losing a loved one, for reification (6). How should we respond? Any concern (7) in our lives has contributory factors that are either within our control or not. We can do precious little about those over which we have no control. But there are outcomes that are caused (8), even if partially, by our actions or inaction. These can be avoided or at least promoted (9).

So, let’s ask ourselves: was there anything I did, which I shouldn’t have, that brought about the negative event? Was there anything I could have done, but did not, that might have prevented the misdeeds (10)? If the answer is negative, we are then in a better position to take the misfortune in our stride and accept the situation, perhaps even detach ourselves from it. If the answer is yes, then we have learnt a precious lesson for the adventure (11). As the Dhammapada puts it, “Not the unworthy appearance (12) of others, nor their sinful deeds of commission or omission,/But one’s own deeds of commission and omission should one regard.”

Another equally important point to remember is that today’s hopelessness could adjust (13) into tomorrow’s achievement and well-being in ways that we can never quite anticipate (14). No one could have predicted that J K Rowling would one day become a best selling, living, multi-billionaire author after going through a low period of divorce, single parenthood, depression, unemployment and prohibition (15).


Q6. (a) reference

(b) revelation
(c) realization
(d) example
(e) No improvement required


Q7. (a) warfare
(b) event
(c) matters
(d) stipulation
(e) No improvement required


Q8. (a) commenced
(b) inferred
(c) inspired
(d) established
(e) No improvement required


Q9. (a) quenched
(b) mitigated
(c) promoted
(d) sustained
(e) No improvement required


Q10. (a) failure
(b) occasion
(c) crisis
(d) dispute
(e) No improvement required


Q11. (a) future
(b) consequence
(c) certainty
(d) coincidence
(e) No improvement required


Q12. (a) achievements
(b) presence
(c) acquirements
(d) actions
(e) No correction required


Q13. (a) fluke
(b) exchange
(c) turn
(d) expedite
(e) No correction required


Q14. (a) prefer
(b) acknowledge
(c) portent
(d) vehemence
(e) No correction required

Q15. (a) ratification
(b) revolt
(c) rejection

(d) impediment

(e) No correction required



S1 Ans.(d)

Sol. ‘set the tone’ fits the sentence appropriately as it conveys the proper meaning of the sentence.              

S2. Ans.(e)

Sol.  No correction required.         

S3. Ans.(d)

Sol.  ‘had to put up to’ fits the sentence appropriately as it makes the sentence structure grammatically correct.                 

S4. Ans.(d)

Sol.  ‘Emotions ran high’ fits the sentence appropriately and it is an idiom which means to be in a state of excitement or anger.        

S5.  Ans.(e)

Sol.  No correction required.


S6. Ans. (d)

Sol. ‘example’ is the most appropriate word to be replaced as the author is taking incidents from real life to explain about the unpleasant events and outcomes.

S7. Ans. (b)

Sol. ‘event’ best suits the purpose as the paragraph is all about the happenings in our lives.

S8. Ans. (e)

Sol. No improvement is required here.

S9. Ans. (b)

Sol. ‘mitigated’ is the correct word to be replaced as it goes similar to ‘avoided’.

S10. Ans. (c)

Sol. ‘crisis’ best suits the purpose as it is also used in above sentences.

S11. Ans. (a)

Sol. ‘future’ is the correct word to be replaced.

S12. Ans. (d)

Sol. ‘actions’ is the most appropriate word.

S13. Ans. (c)

Sol. ‘turn’ is the most appropriate word.

Fluke means an unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck.

S14. Ans. (e)

Sol. No correction is required here.


S15. Ans. (c)

Sol. ‘rejection’ best suits the purpose.

Ratification means the action of signing or giving formal consent to a treaty, contract, or agreement, making it officially valid.

Impediment means a hindrance or obstruction in doing something.


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