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English Language Quiz For LIC AAO/ADO Prelims 2023 -16th February

Directions (1-5): In each of the questions given below a sentence is given with one blank. Below each sentence FOUR words are given out of which two can fit the sentence. Five options are given with various combinations of these words. You have to choose the combination with the correct set of words which can fit in the given sentence.

Q1. An amazing transformation has _________ in the course of a generation.
(A) occurred
(B) emerged
(C) diluted
(D) changed

(a) A-B
(b) B-D
(c) C-D
(d) B-C
(e) A-C

Q2. The Insolvency and _________ Code has now been in force for more than a year and given its ambitious objectives and impact.
(A) economical
(B) bankruptcy
(C) indebtedness
(D) inflation

(a) A-C
(b) B-C
(c) C-D
(d) D-A
(e) A-B

Q3. Investments in public infrastructure is a key _________ of economic growth strategy among emerging economies.
(A) division
(B) structure
(C) component
(D) ingredient

(a) A-B
(b) B-C
(c) C-D
(d) A-D
(e) B-D

Q4. Improvements can also come from changes in other ______________ environmental or policy factors.
(A) coexistent
(B) corelated
(C) auxiliary
(D) contemporaneous

(a) B-C
(b) C-D
(c) A-D
(d) B-D
(e) A-B

Q5. The reason __________ the lack of research is that infrastructure is not placed randomly across regions.
(A) towards
(B) behind
(C) into
(D) for

(a) B-D
(b) D-C
(c) C-A
(d) A-B
(e) A-D

Directions (6-10): In each of the questions given below a sentence is given with a blank. Below each of the question five options are given. Choose the phrase which fits the blank most appropriately.

Q6. He dropped the plan like ____________ when he realized how much it would cost him.
(a) A hot potato
(b) A couch potato
(c) drop of the hat
(d) cut corners
(e) devil’s advocate

Q7. He’s been in prison several times for all sorts of crimes; he’s ____________
(a) last straw
(b) off one’s rocker
(c) a piece of cake
(d) a fish out of water
(e) a bad egg

Q8. I agree with what you say, but I’ll play ____________ so that we can cover all the possibilities that may arise.
(a) devil’s advocate
(b) bad book
(c) ear candy
(d) easy as pie
(e) fancy pants

Q9. It can be cheaper ____________ for a new washing machine than to get your old one repaired.
(a) ill wind
(b) to identify theft
(c) in a trice
(d) to stump up
(e) to pass the buck

Q10. The late-night parties make the hotel a haven for ____________ and a hell for anyone with children.
(a) nitty-gritty
(b) night owls
(c) scot-free
(d) scapegoat
(e) charley horse

Directions (11-15): Given below are sentences consisting a blank in each. Identify the most suitable alternative among the five given that fits into the blank to make the sentence logical and meaningful.

Q11. Without any ____________________ proof of his involvement, the man was let off with a stern warning.
(a) discouraging
(b) significant
(c) trivial
(d) illegal
(e) relevance

Q12. Since my son showed an utter ________________ for others by driving recklessly, he no longer has a license.
(a) contradict
(b) forbiddance
(c) elimination
(d) discussion
(e) disregard

Q13. The student has decided to _________________ his entry from the art contest and try again next year.
(a) count
(b) ignore
(c) withdraw
(d) rejected
(e)  repel

Q14. The lawyer will ________________ his client’s innocence despite the overwhelming evidence against him.’
(a) fluent
(b) expressive
(c) raised
(d) assert
(e) cogent

Q15. While Angelina is a/an _____________ actress who makes at least four movies a year, she always has time for her family.
(a) prolific
(b) sympathetic
(c) abundant
(d) producing
(e) infinite


S1. Ans. (a)

Sol.  ‘Occurred’ means happened or taken place which is similar in meaning to ‘emerged’ in the context of the sentence. Thus, option (a) is correct.

S2. Ans. (b)
Sol. ‘Bankruptcy’ and ‘indebtedness’ is the correct choice of the words. The conjunction ‘and’ is used to connect the word ‘insolvency’ with the other word which should be similar in meaning with the previous word. Thus, option(b) is correct.

S3. Ans. (c)
Sol. Option (c) is the correct choice. ‘component’ means a part or element of a larger whole, especially a part of a machine or vehicle and ‘ingredient’ means a component part or element of something. Hence, they can be substituted for each other.

S4. Ans. (c)
Sol. Option (c) is the right choice. ‘contemporaneous’ means existing at or occurring in the same period of time. Hence, contemporaneous and coexistent can be used interchangeably.

S5. Ans. (a)
Sol. Option (a) is the correct choice. The preposition ‘behind’ and ‘for’ can be used to substitute each other.

 S6. Ans. (a)
Sol. Option (a) is the correct choice. ‘A hot potato’ means a controversial issue or situation which is awkward to deal with. The expression ‘couch potato’ simply means “idler” or “lay about”. The expression ‘At the Drop of a Hat’ means that something is happening instantly, without any delay. ‘Cut corners’ means to do something perfunctorily so as to save time or money. ‘devil’s advocate’ means a person who advocates an opposing or unpopular cause for the sake of argument or to expose it to a thorough examination.

S7. Ans. (e)
Sol. Option (e) is the correct choice. ‘A bad egg’ means Someone or something that disappoints expectations. ‘Last straw’ means the last of a succession of irritations, incidents, remarks, etc., that leads to a loss of patience, a disaster, etc. ‘off one’s rocker’ means a mad or an insane person. ‘a piece of cake’ means something that is very easy to do. ‘a fish out of water’ means a person in a completely unsuitable environment or situation.

 S8. Ans. (a)  
Sol. Option (a) is the correct choice. ‘a devil’s advocate’ means a person who advocates an opposing or unpopular cause or the sake of argument or to expose it to a thorough examination. The expression ‘bad book’ means to be in disgrace or out of favour‘Ear candy’ expression is used when Music with an instant appeal but with little lasting significance is played.  ‘As easy as pie’ is a popular colloquial idiom which is used to describe a task or experience as pleasurable and simple. ‘fancy pants’ expression is used when Someone who is dressed fancy or act in a fancy matter. Therefore, only option (a) makes a viable choice.

S9. Ans. (d)
Sol. Option (d) is the correct choice. ‘To stump up’ is a phrasal verb which is used while paying an amount or type of money for something, especially unwillingly. An unfortunate event is referred as ‘ill wind’. ‘to identify theft’ can also be used alternatively to identify fraud or unfair practices. ‘in a trice’ means a short period of time. ‘to pass the buck’ means to shift the responsibility for something to someone else.

S10. Ans. (b)
Sol. Option (b) is the correct choice. ‘night owls’ refers to someone who regularly stays up late at night, or who prefers to work at night. ‘nitty-gritty’ means the heart of the matter; the basic essentials; the harsh realities. ‘scot-free’ means Without incurring payment; or escaping without punishment. ‘scapegoat’ is the expression used for the one who is blamed or punished for the sins of others. ‘charley horse’ means Leg cramp or stiffness.

S11. Ans. (b)
Sol. The most suitable word for the given blank is “significant”. “Significant” is an adjective which means sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy. All the other words will either create a grammatical or contextual error in the sentence. Hence, option (b) becomes the most suitable answer choice.
Discouraging means cause (someone) to lose confidence or enthusiasm.
Trivial means of little value or importance.
Illegal means contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.
Relevance means he quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate.

S12. Ans. (e)
Sol. The most suitable word for the given blank is “disregard”. Disregard is a verb and it means to pay no attention to; ignore. All the other words will make the sentence wither grammatically or contextually incorrect. Hence, the most suitable answer choice for this question is option (e).
Contradict means deny the truth of (a statement) by asserting the opposite.
Forbiddance means the action of prohibiting
Elimination means the complete removal or destruction of something.
Discussion means talk about (something) with a person or people.

S13. Ans. (c)
Sol. The most suitable word for the given blank is “withdraw”. Withdraw is a verb which means to remove or take away (something) from a particular place or position. All the other words fail to fit in the given blank either grammatically or contextually. Hence, option (c) is the most suitable answer choice.
Count means take into account; include.
Ignore means refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally.
Rejected means dismiss as inadequate, unacceptable, or faulty.
Repel means drive or force (an attack or attacker) back or away.

S14. Ans. (d)
Sol. The correct word that should complete the given sentence is “assert”. Since the given sentence is in simple future tense, it should follow the structure of Subject + will + V1  (First Form of Verb). This implies that the given blank must be filled by a verb in its base form. Among the given options, only option (d) provided the verb in its first form. Further, option (a), (b) and (e) are adjectives, while option (c) is a past participle verb. Hence, option (d) becomes the most relevant answer choice.
Fluent means able to express oneself easily and articulately.
Expressive means effectively conveying thought or feeling.
Raised means lift or move to a higher position or level.
Assert means state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully.
Cogent means (of an argument or case) clear, logical, and convincing.

S15. Ans. (a)
Sol. The most suitable word for the given blank is “prolific”. Prolific is an adjective which is used for an artist, author, or composer producing many works. Therefore, according to the context of sentence, only option (a) provides the precise meaning to the sentence. All the other words are contextually incoherent. Hence, option (a) is the most viable answer choice.
Sympathetic means feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy.
Abundant means existing or available in large quantities; plentiful.
Producing means make (something) using creative skills.
Infinite means very great in amount or degree.

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English Language Quiz For LIC AAO/ADO Prelims 2023 -16th February

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