English Quiz based on IBPS PO Mains Exam 2016

Hello Students, As you all have witnessed drastic change in the pattern of IBPS PO Mains, now It’s high time when you started preparing for the upcoming exams in the same pattern and with much more variation in format. All of you have been preparing and were expecting the same type of questions as asked in the previous exams, but it was an eye opener and quite shocking for all of us. 

In SBI PO Mains 2016, The pattern of English was quite different from usual. At that time, we already warned and suggested to our students to be cautious and prepare different pattern questions as well.  
Now Onward, we’ll provide you all type of questions and possible patterns that are asked in all competitive exams. This way YOU can be better prepared for the worst. 

Here we are providing you the Quiz based on the best possible combination of IBPS PO Mains Exam 2016 questions. 

Directions (1-10): In each of the following questions five options are given, of which one word is most nearly the same or opposite in meaning to the given word in the question. Find the correct option having either same or opposite meaning.

Q.1 Ludicrous

Q.2 Vituperation

Q.3 Apocryphal
(a) apocalypse 
(d) braggart 
(e) bellow 

Q.4 Immanent
(a) amiable 
(b) transcendent 

Q.5 Prevaricate
(a) indenture 
(b) diffidence 
(c) truth 
(d) consanguinity
(e) oblivion 

Q.6 Apportionment

Q.7 Contumacious
(a) willful 
(b) mercurial 
(c) pliable 
(d) pernicious 
(e) jingoistic 

Q.8 Sagacious
(b) sage 
(c) simpleton 
(d) sonorous 
(e) asperse 

Q.9 listless
(e) perfunctory 

Q.10 Lassitude

Directions (11-15): Five statements are given below. Among these, four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

(a) Businessmen who visit China have been advised to arm themselves with four P’s – patience, perseverance, persistence and prayer. Only then they can be successful.
(b) The same suits all candidates preparing for various competitive exams.
(c) They are all positive qualities.
(d) Businessmen are indifferent to the lot of the common man.
(e) These qualities help them to earn money, power and respect in society.

(a) Happiness consists in activity, Action is invigorating like a tonic.
(b) Beggars are idle.
(c) There is no happiness like the one which stems from the use of faculties – physical or mental.
(d) Action is the glorious principle of life.
(e) People who enjoy work get a satisfaction out of it.

(a) Karnataka has taken giant strides in responsive governance,The proactive nature of the chief minister and his government makes Karnataka click.
(b) Bangalore is fast becoming a hi-tech city.
(c) Long before e-governance and transparency became buzzwords. Karnataka had already logged on to these innovative ways.
(d) The fund-based accounting system is another innovative concept developed in Bangalore.
(e) Bangalore is called the garden city.

(a) As illegal prawn farms run by Orissa’s elite eat into the mangroves, their extinction seems imminent, The mangroves that appear lush and dense form only a narrow strip.
(b) The disappearance of the mangroves would be mankind’s loss.
(c) Mangroves are natural barriers against cyclone.
(d) The area under the mangrove is shrinking at an alarming rate.
(e) Prawns are fetching the elites high profit.

(a) There seems to be more hype than truth in the reports of hunger-related deaths from Orissa,
The high mortality rate is not entirely due to hunger.
(b) In the absence of health care facilities hundreds of people succumb to malaria, diarrhea and dysentery.
(c) Inaccurate reporting and sensationalist journalism are the culprits to a large extent.
(d) A reporter ‘claimed’ he had bought two children.
(e) Lack of foot is just one of the reasons for the high mortality rate in Orissa.

We'll publish the Solutions in Some time, Stay Tuned. 


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