Visual Vocabulary Word: Improve Your Vocabulary with Daily Use Words: 23 February 2021

Visual Vocabulary Word: Improve Your Vocabulary with Daily Use Words: 23 February 2021

 Vocabulary is said to be important for all the examinations, and for many of the banking aspirants, it is like a nightmare. However, it is very important to have a good command of the vocabulary part if you are a banking aspirant as it carries a good amount of weightage. So, to help you in your preparation, adda247 has started a new initiative to improve the vocabulary for all the aspirants who are going to appear in the examination. We are here with some visual vocabulary and their meaning.


  1. Endeavour (noun)

            Meaning; A sincere attempt

            Antonyms; inactivity, pastime

            Synonyms; try, effort


  1. Accede (verb)

            Meaning; To agree or assent to a proposal or a view

Antonyms; refuse, deny

Synonyms; endorse, grant


  1. Fray (verb)

Meaning; To cause exhaustion, wear out

Synonyms; strain, irritate

Antonyms; calm, subtle


  1. Nadir(noun)

Meaning; The lowest point; time of greatest depression.

Synonyms; depth, pits

Antonyms; zenith, climax


  1. Pander(verb)

Meaning; To tempt with, to appeal or cater to (improper motivations)

            Synonyms; gratify, indulge

Antonyms; deny, refuse


  1. Mundane (adjective)

Meaning; Ordinary; not new

            Synonyms; sober

Antonyms; exciting


  1. Penchant (noun)

Meaning; Taste, liking, or inclination

Antonyms; detest, dislike

Synonyms; preference, desire


  1. Repercussion (noun)

Meaning; A consequence or ensuing result of some action.

Synonyms; consequence

Antonyms; shock


  1. Smug (adjective)

            Meaning; Irritatingly pleased with oneself, offensively self-complacent, self-satisfied.

Synonyms; egotism

Antonyms; shyness

10. Tumultuous (adjective)

Synonyms; turbulent, stormy

Antonyms; peaceful, settled

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