IBPS Clerk Prelims English Quiz 8th November, 2019

IBPS Clerk Prelims English Quiz 8th November, 2019

IBPS Clerk Prelims English Quiz (Reading Comprehension)
The English language perplexes most of the students and makes one nervous during the examination even if the answer to the question is known. But there are no formulas to cramp or the longer the calculation to deal with. The mistakes that occur are because of the lack of confidence. With proper strategy, Study NotesQuizzesVocabulary one can calm his/her nerves and excel in no time. Make the reading newspaper, editorial a habit, and also participate in the daily quiz. The IBPS Clerk 2019 is just one step away from your reach. Here is the quiz under the Study Plan ‘FATEH’, on the IBPS Clerk Prelims English Quiz and we have  Reading Comprehension for 6th November 2019. You can also check out the latest books for IBPS Clerk 2019 exam.

Directions (1-15): In each of the following sentence, there are two blank spaces. Below the sentences, there are five options with a pair of words each. Fill up the sentences with the pair of words that make the sentence grammatically and contextually correct.

Q1. State Bank of India chairman Rajnish Kumar on Wednesday said that housing finance companies should behave like housing finance companies and should ____________ only on lending to individual retail ______________________.
(a) started, investors
(b) gave, premise
(c) focus, borrowers
(d) lain, players
(e) None of these.

Q2. A constitutional ____________________ that strips Jammu& Kashmir of statehood and divides it into two territories administered directly by India’s national government came into __________.
(a) sufficient, increased
(b) alternative, depletion
(c) guaranteed, over
(d) amendment, effect
(e) None of these.

Q3. If Indian soyabean meal can make little _________________ into the Chinese market, it will be a win-win for Indian producers and Chinese _________________.
(a) natural, exhausted
(b) conservative, seen
(c) headway,consumers
(d) adaptable, reflection
(e) None of these.

Q4. The Federal Reserve cut its _________________________ interest rate for the third time this year, ______________________another quarter of a percentage point to a range of between 1.5% and 1.75%.
(a) destroys, stirring
(b) benchmark shaving off
(c) marginal, aimed
(d) virtue, protected
(e) None of these.

Q5. The ________________ of the first modern well in Pennsylvania in 1859 set oil on a path that led to the heart of economics and ___________________.
(a) danger, looked
(b) substantiate, cited
(c) drilling, geopolitics
(d) surface, resolved
(e) None of these.

Q6. Oil fuelled the rise of the West’s consumer culture; it helped _________________ who won the Second World War and prompted a global economic _______________ in the 1970s.
(a) determine, crisis
(b) aware, infinity
(c) enquired, preparation
(d) prediction, correctness
(e) None of these.

Q7. Under a ______________ sun, the river of humanity crosses the Simón Bolívar bridge without cease, its flow more ___________________ than the muddy stream beneath.
(a) react, analysed
(b) pitiless ,powerful
(c) succeed, assimilate
(d) direct, passing
(e) None of these.

Q8 Keeping to its promise of ___________________, social media giant Facebook has __________________ a new corporate logo almost 15 years after it launched its eponymous social media networking website.
(a) clarity ,launched
(b) promptness, strictness
(c) transparency, unveiled
(d) predicted, correctness
(e) None of these.

Q9. America accuses China’s government of bloating its private sector with _______________, which ____________________ to affect businesses abroad.
(a) subsidies, spill over
(b) ambit, see
(c) course, observe
(d) purview, lead
(e) None of these.

Q10. The governor __________________ a review meeting on Financial Stability and Development ______________ held at the ministry of finance today
(a) thought, fell
(b) expected, ran
(c) presumed, failed
(d) attended, Council
(e) None of these.

Q11. The Bithumb Chain, as it is called, will be ______________ to Indian companies, startups and even the government for building services and products based on blockchain _________________.
(a) decided negotiate
(b) available, technology
(c) planned, invoke
(d) hesitate, impose
(e) None of these.

Q12. WhatsApp has recently __________________ the fingerprint lock _____________ for Android users. WhatsApp can now be locked or unlocked using the phone’s built-in fingerprint sensor.
(a) absolute, diminishes
(b) dynamic, recedes
(c) rolled out, feature
(d) started, decomposes
(e) None of these.

Q13. Google has now ______________ that it will bring its new AI-powered Recorder application to older Pixel phones which was _______________ for the Pixel 4 line up.
(a) limit, demand
(b) heightened, appreciate
(c) level, advance
(d) confirmed, introduced
(e) None of these.

Q14. WhatsApp on Wednesday announced a ______________ in its _________________ setting which will allow users to choose who from their contact list can add them to a group chat.
(a) tweak ,privacy
(b) imbibe, counter
(c) consensus, tackled
(d) invent, wisdom
(e) None of these.

Q15. Life in the Kashmir valley has been severely ___________________ since the government announced the change in August, because of restrictions on communications and travel, as well as protests and militant __________________.
(a) sequel, amply
(b) enviable, grouping
(c) disrupted, violence
(d) progress, revival
(e) None of these.


S1. Ans. (c)
Sol. The correct option is option (c).

S2. Ans. (d)
Sol. The correct option is option (d).

S3. Ans. (c)
Sol. The correct option is option(c)

S4. Ans. (b)
Sol. The correct option is option (b).
Shaving off means ‘to reduce an amount’

S5. Ans. (c)
Sol. The correct option is option (c).

S6. Ans. (a)
Sol. The correct option is option (a).

S7. Ans. (b)
Sol. The correct option is option (b).

S8. Ans. (c)
Sol. The correct option is option (c).

S9. Ans. (a)
Sol. The correct option is option (a).

S10. Ans. (d)
Sol. The correct option is option (d).

S11. Ans. (b)
Sol. The correct option is option (b).

S12. Ans. (c)
Sol. The correct option is option(c)

S13. Ans. (d)
Sol. The correct option is option (d)

S14. Ans. (a)
Sol. The correct option is option (a).

S15. Ans. (c)
Sol. The correct option is option(c).

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