Daily Vocabulary: 18th July 2019

Daily Vocabulary: 18th July 2019


 BLOAT (Verb) सूजना
Meaning: make or become swollen with fluid or gas.
Synonyms: inflate, swell
Antonyms: compress, contract
Example: The carcass started to bloat.

RECUPERATE (Verb) स्वस्थ हो जाना
Meaning: recover from illness or exertion.
Synonyms:  recover, convalesce,  improve, mend
Antonyms: deteriorate, hurt
Example: Other mammals and birds recuperate or grow to maturity in outdoor enclosures.

PROTRACT (Verb) फैलना
Meaning: prolong.
Synonyms: extend. lengthen, elongate, continue
Antonyms: curtail, shorten
Example: I have no desire to protract the process.

PERISH(verb) तबाह होना
Meaning: to die, especially in an accident or by being killed, or to be destroyed
Synonyms: vanish, wither
Antonyms: appear, arrive
Example: Three hundred people perished in the earthquake.

ALLEGE(verb) अभियोग लगाना
Meaning: To say that someone has done something illegal or wrong without giving proof
Synonyms: charge, declare
Antonyms: withdraw, object
Example: She is alleged to have been at the center of an international drug ring.

Meaning: the particular type of character that a person naturally has
Synonyms: habit, the tendency
Antonyms: hatred, dislike
Example: In this theory, persons evoke eros if they have beautiful bodies, minds, or dispositions.

HECKLE (verb)सवालों से बात काटना
Meaning: to interrupt a speaker with insulting or rude comments
Synonyms: bully, ridicule
Antonyms: please, praise
Example: The crowd began to boo and heckle the comedian as he bombed his comedy set.

GAUNT (adjective)कृश
Meaning: extremely skinny, typically because of illness or starvation
Synonyms: grim, thin
Antonyms: fat, heavy
Example: After being held in a dark basement for three months, the prisoner was gaunt and weak.

Meaning: tremendously angry
Synonyms: annoyed, furious
Antonyms: happy, calm
Example: The irate judge had the unruly defendant removed from the courtroom.