The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For Dena Bank PO Exam 2017

Dear Readers,

प्रिय पाठकों, हम आपको THE HINDU अख़बार संपादकीय से शब्दावली (Vocabulary Words) प्रदान कर रहे हैं. हमारा सुझाव है कि आप दैनिक समाचार पत्र पढ़े और यदि आप THE HINDU नहीं पढ़ पा रहे हैं, तो हम प्रतिदिन संपादकीय अनुभाग से महत्वपूर्ण शब्द पोस्ट करेंगे.किसी अखबार से कुछ लाइनें उठाएं और उन सभी शब्दों को चिह्नित करें जिनसे आप अपरिचित है.एक शब्द का अर्थ, समानार्थक शब्द और विलोमार्थी शब्द लिखें. vocab शब्द आपकी प्रतिस्पर्धी परीक्षाओं में आपकी बहुत सहायता करेंगे.यहां द हिन्दू से कुछ पंक्तियाँ हैं

Example/उदाहरण: Encouraging results were achieved in laboratory studies by making the shiny surface of implants rough through etching.

1. Implant [verb ɪmˈplænt, -ˈplɑnt; noun ˈɪmˌplænt, -ˌplɑnt]=प्रत्यारोपण/समाविष्ट करना
Noun/संज्ञा (Medicine/Medical): any device or material, especially of an inert substance, used for repairing or replacing part of the body; medication or radioactive material inserted into tissue for sustained therapy; implantation.
Verb/क्रिया (used with object): to put or fix firmly; to plant securely.
Synonyms/पर्यायवाची: embed, fix, instill, inculcate, root.

2. Etching [ˈɛtʃ ɪŋ]=नक़्क़ाशी/निक्षारण
Noun/संज्ञा: the act or process of making designs or pictures on a metal plate, glass, etc., by the corrosive action of an acid instead of by a burin; an impression, as on paper, taken from an etched plate; the design so produced; a metal plate bearing such a design.
Synonyms/पर्यायवाची: engraving, inscription, reproduction, impression, imprint, mezzotint, photoengraving, photogravure.

Example/उदाहरण: Forex dealers said besides selling of the dollar, its weakness against other currencies after the Federal Reserve dialed down on some of the more hawkish policy expectations supported the rupee.

3. Forex [ˈfɒrɛks]=विदेशी मुद्रा
Noun/संज्ञा: short for foreign exchange; dealings in foreign money.
Synonyms/पर्यायवाची: convertibility, FX, negotiable bills.

4. Dial [ˈdaɪ əl, daɪl]=डायल
Verb/क्रिया (used with object): to measure with or as if with a dial; to indicate or register on or as if on a dial.
Noun/संज्ञा: a plate, disk, face, or other surface containing markings or figures upon which the time of day is indicated by hands, pointers, or shadows, as of a clock or sundial.
Synonyms/पर्यायवाची: punch, ring, rotate, turn, twist, wheel, zero in on

5. Hawkish [ˈhɔ kɪʃ=तेजतर्रार
Adjective/विशेषण: resembling a hawk, as in appearance or behaviour; advocating war or a belligerently threatening diplomatic policy.
Synonyms/पर्यायवाची: combative, contentious, destructive, intrusive, threatening, advancing, antipathetic, assailing, attacking, barbaric, bellicose, disruptive, disturbing.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थक: calm, complaisant, easy-going, laid-back.

Example/उदाहरण: Further, fresh foreign fund inflows and a higher opening in the domestic equity markets added to the momentum, they added.

6. Inflows [ˈɪnˌfloʊ]=अंतर्वाह
Noun/संज्ञा: something that flows in; influx.
Synonyms/पर्यायवाची: arrival, incursion, inflow, introduction, invasion, convergence, entrance, inpouring, inrush.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थक : retreat, departure.

7. Equity [ˈɛk wɪ ti]
Noun/संज्ञा: the quality of being fair or impartial; fairness; impartiality.
Synonyms/पर्यायवाची: disinterest, equitableness, impartiality, fair-mindedness, fairness, justness, even-handedness, objectivity; justice, probity.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थक: bias, discrimination, inequity, injustice, partiality, partisanship, prejudice, unfairness, unreasonableness; injustice.

8. Momentum [moʊˈmɛn təm]=गति/वेग
Noun/संज्ञा: force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events.
Synonyms/पर्यायवाची: energy, power, strength, drive, force, impulse, propulsion, thrust.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थक: lethargy, weakness.

Example/उदाहरण: Yesterday, the local currency had staged a strong comeback by surging 16 paise to end at 64.73 against the US dollar.

9. Surge [sɜrdʒ]=आवेश/बड़ी लहर
Verb/क्रिया (used without object): to rise, roll, move, or swell forward in or like waves; to rise as if by a heaving or swelling force.
Verb/क्रिया (used with object): to cause to surge or roll in or as in waves.
Noun/संज्ञा: a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep.
Synonyms: deluge, flood, flow, growth, outpouring, rise, swell, upsurge, wave, billow, breaker, efflux.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थक: decline, decrease.

Example/उदाहरण: He bamboozled his way to top.

10. Bamboozle [bæmˈbu zəl]=धोखा देना
Verb/क्रिया (used with object): to deceive or get the better of (someone) by trickery, flattery, or the like; humbug; hoodwink (often followed by into).
Verb/क्रिया (used without object): to practice trickery, deception, cozenage, or the like.
Synonyms/पर्यायवाची: gyp, dupe, trick, cheat, swindle, defraud, flimflam, hoax, gull, rook; delude, mislead, fool.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थक: clear up, enlighten, explain, clarify, give, help, support, be honest.

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