Daily Vocabulary: 15th August 2019 IN HINDI

Daily Vocabulary: 15th August 2019 IN HINDI


वोकैब लर्निंग फोबिया?Vocabulary इंग्लिश सेक्शन की एक नींव है। प्रत्येक परीक्षा चाहे वह SBI हो या IBPS, Vocabulary इस सेक्शन का अहम हिस्सा बन गया है। परीक्षा में पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न Vocabulary पर आधारित होते हैं। यह इंग्लिश राइटिंग और स्पीकिंग का वह आधार है जिसके अभ्यास से आत्मविश्वास में वृद्धि होती है। इस प्रकार के शब्द उपयोगी होते है जो परीक्षा और इंटरव्यू में सहायता करते हैं। शब्दों का सही चयन आपके संवाद को प्रभावशाली और आपको भीड़ से अलग दिखाता है। संक्षिप्त में यह इंग्लिश योग्यता का एक हिस्सा है। आगामी परीक्षा में बेहतर प्रदर्शन करने के लिए vocabulary from The Hindueditorial से अभ्यास करें। bankersadda पर प्रदान किए जा रहे नए शब्दों को पढ़ना अपनी आदत बनाएं। यह 12 अगस्त की डेली वोकबुलरी है. 

REPRISAL(Noun) :प्रतिहिंसा
Meaning: an act of retaliation.
Synonym: retaliation, counterattack
Antonym: pardon, remission
Usage: He felt secure enough in his information that he announced his opinion on the matter without fear of reprisal.

CONCURRENCE (noun) : सहमति   
Meaning: the fact of two or more events or circumstances happening or existing at the same time.
Synonym:concordance, cooperation, coincidence.
Antonym: dissonance, discord.
Usage: Because the events ran in concurrence, the coordinator could not attend both parties at the same time.

CULMINATION (noun) : परिणति 
Meaning: the highest or climactic point of something, especially as attained after a long time.
Synonym: climax, pinnacle, peak.
Antonym: nadir, base, bottom.
Usage: Their arrest was the culmination of an operation in which 120 other people were detained.

INVIGORATE(Verb) : सबल बनाना 
Meaning: to give life, vigor, or spirit to
Synonym: amp (up), animate, brace, energize, enliven, fillip, fire
Antonym: damp, dampen, deaden, dull, kill
Usage: The fresh air and sunshine invigorated the children after a long winter indoors.

PLURALISM (noun) : बहुलवाद
Meaning: the quality or state of being plural
Synonym: more than one, double, multiple.
Antonym: single, only one, one at a time.
Usage: He spoke of the benefits of cultural pluralism.

EVANGELIZE (noun) : धर्मोपदेश देना 
Meaning: to try to convert (a group or area) to a different religion (especially Christianity).
Synonym: lecture, platitudinize, preach, preachify, sermonize
Antonym: deconvert, dissuade, endure, hold, idle, keep
Usage: The missionaries set out to evangelize the world.

ABDICATE (Verb) : सत्ता त्यागना 
Meaning: (of a monarch) renounce one's throne.
Synonyms: resign, retire
Usage: Because the mother chose to abdicate her role as a parent, her children have become the terrors of the neighborhood.

EMBELLISH (verb) : संवारना
Meaning: to make something sound or look better or more acceptable than it is in reality
Synonyms: adorn, deck
Antonyms: lessen, reduce
Usage: Grandma likes to embellish her knitting by hiding secret messages in the pattern.

FARRAGO (noun) : गड़बड़ होना 
Meaning: a confused mixture.
Synonyms: mishmash, jumble, hodgepodge, turmoil.
Antonyms: constituent, ravel, sequence, categorization.
Usage: The present gun law is a farrago of nonsense as most of it is unenforceable.