Daily Vocabulary for Bank Exams: 21 December 2018

Daily Vocabulary for Bank Exams: 21 December 2018

Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. In the recently concluded Banking Exams, we witnessed that a major part of the exam was based on vocabulary. Many questions were vocab based and we can expect the same in the upcoming exams. It becomes very important to learn ample amount of words for the upcoming Government Job Exams. You can learn new words daily from our Daily Word List . Here is a list of words from daily Editorials. Learn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list.

1. Ambivalence :- दुविधा
Meaning: The state of being uncertain or stuck between two or more options
Synonyms: hesitation, doubt, uncertainty
Antonyms: certainty, sureness
Example: His ambivalence prevented him from immediately signing the contract.

2. Candor :- स्पष्टवादिता 
Meaning: The trait of being honest and frank
Synonyms: directness, honest, fairness
Antonyms: deceit, deception, lying
Example: I admire her candor, especially when nobody else bothers to speak up.

3. Concede :- स्वीकार कराना
Meaning: To be forced to agree or surrender
Synonyms: grant, allow
Antonyms: deny, refuse
Example: Nobody wanted to concede in being a part of the problem.

4. Disdain :- तिरस्कार
Meaning: A lack of respect and strong dislike (toward something or someone)
Synonyms: dislike, hatred
Antonyms: like, love
Example: He looked at me with such disdain that I immediately knew the job wouldn’t work out.

5. Enumerate :- एक एक करके बताना
Meaning: To specify or count
Synonyms: compute, calculate
Antonyms: estimate, guess
Example: I can’t enumerate how many times I’ve had to remind my students when their papers are due.

6. Hostile :- शत्रुतापूर्ण
Meaning: To be harmful
Synonyms: adverse, bitter, dangerous
Antonyms: aiding, favourable
Example: The voices around the corner sounded angry and hostile.

7. Insatiable :- अतोषणीय
Meaning:  Which can’t be satisfied
Synonyms: demanding, crying, unsatisfied
Antonyms: satisfied, fulfilled
Example: A vampire’s thirst for blood is said to be insatiable.

8. Persecute :- कष्ट पहुंचाना
Meaning: To cause suffering to
Synonyms: torture, annoy
Antonyms: aid, assist
Example: They will persecute anyone who doesn’t agree with their views of the world.

9. Ramify : शाखाएं फैलाना
Meaning: To split into two or more branches
Synonyms: develop, diverge
Antonyms: combine, compress
Example: Cars ramified throughout the world in the twentieth century.

10. Surmount :- परास्त करना
Meaning: To get on top of or overcome
Synonyms: conquer, exceed
Antonyms: surrender, yield
Example: They managed to surmount the language barrier by using a translation app.

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