Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO Marketing Mains 2017

प्रिय पाठको,

आईबीपीएस विपणन अधिकारी परीक्षा के लिए तैयारी करने के लिए इस प्रश्नावली के साथ  अपने विपणन  व्यावसायिक ज्ञान का परीक्षण करें. आईबीपीएस एसओ (मार्केटिंग) मुख्य परीक्षा मे उम्मीदवार को मार्केटिंग प्लानिंग, न्यू प्रोडक्ट लाइफ साइकल, सेगमेंटेशन, कंज्यूमर बिहेवियर, ब्रांड मैनेजमेंट आदि का पर्याप्त ज्ञान होना चाहिए. इस प्रश्नोत्तरी में विपणन परीक्षा में पूछे जाने वाले महत्वपूर्ण अध्याय शामिल हैं.

Q1. Which of the following features is true about the retail strategy mix adopted by a Department Store?
(a) Less expensive rental location—, lower level of pedestrian traffic.
(b) Promotional emphasis on full service, quality brands, and store image
(c) More reliance on self-service, plain displays with piles of merchandise
(d) less availability of credit
(e) Year-round use of low prices

Q2. __________________are interested in the best deal for a product.
(a) Features Shoppers
(b) Brand Loyal Customers
(c) Price Shoppers
(d) Convenience Shoppers
(e) Status Seekers

Q3. With regard to the four elements of promotion, which one of the following is NOT correct with respect to Publicity? 
(a) No sponsor identification
(b) No direct costs per contact
(c) Indirect and non personal
(d) Direct feedback is not possible
(e) Marketer controls the message content

Q4. In a basic model of the communication process while promoting a product the correct sequence would be- 
(a) Source>Message>Encoding>Channel>Decoding>Receiver
(b) Source>Encoding>Message>Channel>Decoding>Receiver
(c) Source>Message>Encoding>Channel>Receiver>Decoding
(d) Encoding>Source>Message>Channel>Decoding>Receiver
(e) Encoding>Source>Message>Channel>Receiver>Decoding