The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For IBPS 2017

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The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For IBPS PO 2017

Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. You can learn new words daily from our Daily Word List. Learn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list. Here are a few lines from The Hindu.

Example: It will have topiary and Italian gardens, hillocks, a ‘Nilgiri sheep forest’ and six lakes.

1. Topiary [toh-pee-er-ee] : पौधो आदि को काटने-छॉट्ने की कला सम्बन्धि
Adjective: (of a plant) clipped or trimmed into fantastic shapes; of or relating to such trimming.
Noun: topiary work; the topiary art; a garden containing such work.
Synonyms: shedding leaves
forest, sapling, seedling, shrub, timber, wood, hardwood, pulp, softwood, stock, woods.

2. Hillock [hil-uh k] : छोटी पहाड़ी
Noun: a small hill.
Synonyms: acclivity, ascent, bluff, butte, cliff, drift, dune, elevation, esker, headland, heap, highland, hilltop, hummock, inclination, incline, knoll, mesa, mound, mount.
Antonyms: decline, depression.

Example: Funded by the Karnataka government and developed by botanists from its Horticultural Department, the garden would be a part of the picturesque landscape of Udhagamandalam, or Ooty as the hill station is known, in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu.

3. Picturesque [pik-chuh-resk] : सुरम्य, दिखने में सुन्दर
Adjective: visually charming or quaint, as if resembling or suitable for a painting.
Synonyms: beautiful, charming, colorful, pleasant, quaint, scenic, arresting, artistic, graphic, photographic, pictorial, pretty, striking, vivid.
Antonyms: dreary, offensive, plain, repulsive.

Example: Union Cabinet rejig being worked out; Rudy, Kulaste offer to resign.

4. Rejig [riːˈdʒɪɡ] :  बेफकूफ बनाना, पुन: व्यवस्थापन करना
Verb: to re-equip (a factory or plant); to rearrange, alter, or manipulate, sometimes in a slightly unscrupulous way
Noun: the act or process of rejigging.

Example: Ms. Bharti has been asked to quit ostensibly on the grounds of failing health.

5. Ostensible [o-sten-suh-buh l] : ख़याली, दृश्यमान
Adjective: outwardly appearing as such; professed; pretended; apparent, evident, or conspicuous.
Related forms: ostensibly, adverb.
Synonyms: evidently, officially, seemingly, supposedly, at first blush, externally, for all intents and purposes, for show, on the face, on the surface, outwardly, professedly.
Antonyms: improbably, obscurely, unlikely.

Example: The debris crushed an adjacent single-storey sweet shop. It also took down the facade of another building next to it.

6. Facade [fuh-sahd, fa-] : इमारत का सामने वाला भाग
Noun: the front of a building, especially an imposing or decorative one; any side of a building facing a public way or space and finished accordingly; a superficial appearance or illusion of something.
Synonyms: color, exterior, front, veneer, beard, bluff, disguise, face, fake, frontage, guise, look, mask, phony, pretense, put-on, semblance, show, false colors.
Antonyms: reality, truth, character, personality.

Example: 39 successes later, PSLV launch fails. Replacement satellite IRNSS-1H in limbo.

7. Limbo [lim-boh] : मिडवे राज्य या स्थान
Noun: an intermediate, transitional, or midway state or place.
Synonyms: oblivion, nothingness, nowhere.
Antonyms: certainty, certitude, sureness, surety.

Example: In a double whammy to the Indian space programme, the PSLV-C39 mission carrying the replacement navigation satellite IRNSS-1H failed on Thursday evening.

8. Whammy [hwam-ee, wam-ee] : दुर्भाग्य 
Noun: the evil eye; jinx; bad luck or misfortune; a devastating blow, setback, or catastrophe.
Synonyms: hex, abracadabra, charm, conjuration, curse, hocus-pocus, jinx, magic, voodoo, double whammy, evil eye, hexing, mumbo-jumbo, triple whammy.

Example: India’s actions in Doklam are easy to discern, viz. going to the help of a treaty partner in its time of need, a decision which incidentally has security ramifications for India.

9. Discern [dih-surn, -zurn] : पहचानना
Verb: to perceive by the sight or some other sense or by the intellect; see, recognize, or apprehend; to distinguish mentally; recognize as distinct or different; discriminate.
Synonyms: anticipate, ascertain, detect, determine, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, divine, figure out, find out, foresee, perceive, apprehend, behold, descry, discover, espy, extricate, focus, judge, know, note, notice.
Antonyms: confuse, doubt, miss, mix up, overlook.

10. Ramification [ram-uh-fi-key-shuh n] उपशाखा
Noun: the act or process of ramifying; a branch; a related or derived subject, problem, etc.; outgrowth; consequence; implication.
Synonyms: complication, consequence, upshot, bifurcation, branch, branching, breaking, divarication, division, excrescence, extension, forking, offshoot, outgrowth.
Antonyms: cause, origin, source, juncture.


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