NABARD Grade B 2017 के लिए The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary

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The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For NABARD Grade B 2017

NABARD Grade Bकी परीक्षा 7 जुलाई को होने जा रही है. आशा है की आप सभी परीक्षा के लिए कड़ी मेहनत कर रहे है. Vocabulary अंग्रेजी एक महत्वपूर्ण भाग है जो वस्तुनिष्ट के साथ-साथ वर्णात्मक परीक्षा के प्रश्नों  का हल करने में आपकी सहायता करते है. आप हमारी Daily Word List से प्रतिदिन नए शब्द सिख सकते हैं. शब्द सीखकर दी गई word list के अधर पर अपने वाक्य बनाए. यहाँ द हिन्दू से कुछ वाक्य है...

Example/उदाहरण: In fact, there is also an attempt to create an eerie culture of compliance.

1. Eerie [eer-ee]=भयानक
Adjective/विशेषण: uncanny, so as to inspire superstitious fear; weird.
Synonyms/समानार्थी: awesome, bizarre, creepy, fantastic, frightening, ghostly, mysterious.
Antonyms: common, earthly, familiar, natural, normal.

Example/उदाहरण: Those on the lower rungs of the society will follow the command of those at the top and ask no questions.

2. Rung [ruhng]=सीढी का डंडा
Noun/संज्ञा: one of the crosspieces, usually rounded, forming the steps of a ladder; a rounded or shaped piece fixed horizontally, for strengthening purposes, as between the legs of a chair; a stage in a scale, level in a hierarchy, etc.; degree.
Synonyms/समानार्थी: bar, board, crossbar, crosspiece, degree, grade, level.

Example/उदाहरण: Draconian laws such as the Section 124-A only serve to give a legal veneer to the regime’s persecution of voices and movements against oppression by casting them as anti-national.

3. Veneer [vuh-neer]=लकड़ी का तहदार 
Noun/संज्ञा: a thin layer of wood or other material for facing or inlaying wood; any of the thin layers of wood glued together to form plywood; a superficially valuable or pleasing appearance.
Synonyms/समानार्थी: coating, exterior, facade, gloss, layer, mask, semblance.
Antonym/विलोमार्थी: reality.

Example/उदाहरण: The need for scrapping the sedition law could never have been more urgent.

4. Scrap [skrap]=रद्दी माल
Verb/क्रिया: to make into scraps or scrap; break up; to discard as useless, worthless, or ineffective
Noun/संज्ञा: a small piece or portion; fragment; bits or pieces of food, especially of leftover or discarded food; the remains of animal fat after the oil has been tried out.
Adjective/विशेषण: consisting of scraps or fragments; existing in the form of fragments or remnants of use only for reworking, as metal; discarded or left over.
Synonyms/समानार्थी: chunk, fragment, grain, hunk, lump, morsel, shred, sliver, snippet, speck, atom.
Antonyms/विलोमार्थी: lot, whole, agreement, harmony, load, peace.

5. Sedition [si-dish-uh n]=देशद्रोह
Noun/संज्ञा: incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government; any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
Synonyms/समानार्थी: insubordination, insurrection, mutiny, treason, agitation, defiance, disobedience, dissent, insurgence.
Antonyms/विलोमार्थी: obedience, calm, peace, submission.

Example/उदाहरण: Dissent is the lifeblood of democracy.

6. Dissent [dih-sent]=मतभेद
Verb/क्रिया: to differ in sentiment or opinion, especially from the majority; withhold assent; disagree (often followed by from); to disagree with the methods, goals, etc., of a political party or government; take an opposing view; to disagree with or reject the doctrines or authority of an established church.
Noun/संज्ञा: difference of sentiment or opinion; dissenting opinion.
Synonyms/समानार्थी: discord, dissension, disunity, objection, opposition, protest, resistance, schism, strife, bone, clinker.
Antonyms/विलोमार्थी: acceptance, agreement, approval, concurrence, harmony, peace, accord.

7. Lifeblood [lahyf-bluhd]=जीवन के लिए आवश्यक रक्त
Noun/संज्ञा: the blood, considered as essential to maintain; a life-giving, vital, or animating element.
Synonyms/समानार्थी: aspect, basis, bottom line, character, core, crux, element, meaning, nature, principle, quality, reality, root.
Antonyms/विलोमार्थी: abstract, exterior, exteriority, outside, top.

Example/उदाहरण: But today when the stench of fascism looms large, exercising this constitutional right can get one branded as an anti-national, thrown behind bars or a lynch mob waiting outside to teach you a lesson.

8. Stench [stench]=दुर्गंध
Noun/संज्ञा: an offensive smell or odor; stink; a foul quality.
Synonyms/समानार्थी: smell, stink, fetor, funk, malodor, mephitis, noisomeness, redolence.
Antonyms/विलोमार्थी: perfume, sweetness.

9. Fascism [fash-iz-uh m]=फ़ैसिस्टवाद
Noun/संज्ञा: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism;  the philosophy, principles, or methods of fascism.
Synonyms/समानार्थी: absolutism, authoritarianism, autocracy, bureaucracy, despotism, Nazism, racism, regimentation, totalitarianism.
Antonym/विलोमार्थी: democracy.

10. Loom [loom]=करघा
Verb/क्रिया: to appear indistinctly; come into view in indistinct and enlarged form; to rise before the vision with an appearance of great or portentous size; to assume form as an impending event.
Noun/संज्ञा: a looming appearance, as of something seen indistinctly at a distance or through a fog.
Synonyms/समानार्थी: brew, come on, dominate, emerge, hover, mount, overshadow, portend, soar, stand out, threaten, approach, await.
Antonyms/विलोमार्थी: decline, fall, leave, abandon, descend, drop, neglect.


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