IBPS RRB PO 2017 के लिए The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary

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The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For IBPS RRB PO 2017

Vocabulary अंग्रेजी एक महत्वपूर्ण भाग है जो वस्तुनिष्ट के साथ-साथ वर्णात्मक परीक्षा के प्रश्नों  का हल करने में आपकी सहायता करते है. आप हमारी Daily Word List से प्रतिदिन नए शब्द सिख सकते हैं. शब्द सीखकर दी गई word list के अधर पर अपने वाक्य बनाए. यहाँ द हिन्दू से कुछ वाक्य है.

Example/उदाहरण: During the next five years of his tenure, Mr. Thinley conducted more rounds of talks, including on the ‘Doklam package’, and even held a controversial meeting with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (in Rio de Janeiro, 2012), suggesting that Bhutan was thinking of establishing consular relations with China, much to India’s chagrin.

1. Consul [kon-suh l]=वाणिज्य-दूत 
Noun/संज्ञा: an official appointed by the government of one country to look after its commercial interests and the welfare of its citizens in another country; either of the two chief magistrates of the ancient Roman republic.
Related forms/संबंधित रूप: consular, adjective.
Synonyms/समानार्थक शब्द: diplomatic, valid.

2. Chagrin [shuh-grin]=शर्मिंदगी 
Noun/संज्ञा: a feeling of vexation, marked by disappointment or humiliation.
Verb: to vex by disappointment or humiliation.
Synonyms/समानार्थक शब्द: annoyance, dismay, disquiet, embarrassment, irritation, balk, blow, crushing, discomfiture, discomposure, disgruntlement, dissatisfaction, fretfulness.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थी शब्द: comfort, confidence, happiness, satisfaction, delight, gladness, joy.

Example/उदाहरण: The government must see that Bhutan’s sovereignty is no trivial matter, and avoid flippant comments as the one made by the Ministry of External Affairs last week.

3. Trivial [triv-ee-uh l]=क्षुद्र 
Adjective: of very little importance or value; insignificant; commonplace; ordinary; Biology. (of names of organisms) specific, as distinguished from generic.
Synonyms/समानार्थक शब्द: commonplace, frivolous, immaterial, incidental, inconsequential, insignificant, irrelevant, meaningless, minor, negligible, paltry, petty.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थी शब्द: consequential, essential, important, major, meaningful, necessary, pertinent, relevant.

4. Flippant [flip-uh nt]=बतक्कड़ 
Adjective: frivolously disrespectful, shallow, or lacking in seriousness; characterized by levity.
Synonyms/समानार्थक शब्द: cheeky, cocky, disrespectful, glib, offhand, playful, rude, brassy.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थी शब्द: mannerly, nice, respectful, courteous, reverent, serious.

Example/उदाहरण: It cannot have escaped South Block’s notice that the only statement issued by the Bhutanese Foreign Ministry during this time makes no mention of a “distress call” to India, only of its demarche to China.

5. Démarche [dey-marsh]=ठहराव 
Noun/संज्ञा: an action or gesture by a diplomat, especially a formal appeal, protest, or the like; a statement, protest, or the like presented to public officials by private citizens, interest groups, etc; a procedure or step; move; maneuver.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थी शब्द: cessation, ignorance, inaction, inactivity, stoppage, honesty, openness.

Example/उदाहरण: Bhutan is also the only country in the region that joined India in its boycott of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s marquee project, the Belt and Road Initiative.

6. Marquee [mahr-kee]=एक प्रकार का बड़ा खेमा 
Noun/संज्ञा: a tall rooflike projection above a theater entrance, usually containing the name of a currently featured play or film and its stars; a rooflike shelter, as of glass, projecting above an outer door and over a sidewalk or a terrace.
Adjective/विशेषण: superlative; headlining.
Synonyms/समानार्थक शब्द: awning, canopy, signboard, tent.

Example/उदाहरण: The holder of a constitutional office such as the President or Vice President is not expected to be another battering ram on behalf of the Prime Minister and the ruling dispensation.

7. Batter [bat-er]=चोट लगाना 
Verb: to beat persistently or hard; pound repeatedly; to damage by beating or hard usage; to deal heavy, repeated blows; pound steadily.
Noun/संज्ञा: Printing. a damaged area on the face of type or plate.
Synonyms/समानार्थक शब्द: bash, beat, bruise, buffet, clobber, cripple, crush, demolish, destroy, hurt, injure.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थी शब्द: aid, assist, build, compliment, construct.

8. Dispensation [dis-puh n-sey-shuh n, -pen-] =वितरण
Noun/संज्ञा: an act or instance of dispensing; distribution; something that is distributed or given out; a certain order, system, or arrangement; administration or management.
Synonyms/समानार्थक शब्द: disbursement, allotment, appointment, apportionment, award, bestowal, conferment, consignment.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थी शब्द: disfavor, whole, denial, veto.

Example/उदाहरण: The only occasion the President can somewhat exercise his discretion is in selecting the Prime Minister in the event of a fractured election verdict.

9. Discretion [dih-skresh-uh n] =विवेक
Noun/संज्ञा: the power or right to decide or act according to one's own judgment; freedom of judgment or choice; the quality of being discreet, especially with reference to one's own actions or speech; prudence or decorum.
Synonyms/समानार्थक शब्द: attention, foresight, maturity, prudence, responsibility, tact, vigilance, wisdom, acumen, calculation, care, carefulness.
Antonyms/विपरीतार्थी शब्द: carelessness, disregard, ignorance, indiscretion, negligence.

10. Verdict [vur-dikt] =निर्णय
Noun/संज्ञा: Law. the finding or answer of a jury given to the court concerning a matter submitted to their judgment; a judgment; decision.
Synonyms/समानार्थक शब्द: answer, award, conclusion, decision, decree, finding, opinion, ruling, sentence.
Antonym/विपरीतार्थी शब्द: accusation.


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