HINDU Newspaper Vocabulary for RBI ASSISTANT MAINS Exams 2017

Trending-Vocabulary-for-SSC-and-Bank-Exam- Word-list-for-Bank-Exams
Meaning-to entertain sumptuously, feast with delicacies, to give pleasure or 
amusement to
Synonym-dinner, feed, feast
Sentence-regaled his grandchildren with stories of his time in Morocco

Meaning-the crime of killing a king or queen, someone who kills a king or queen
Sentence- I am not speaking of regicide, I am speaking about ideas.

Meaning- to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again
Synonym- freshen, recharge, recreate
Sentence-that rock star has rejuvenated '80s fashion for a whole new generation>

Meaning-polite and confident 
Synonym- debonair, smooth, sophisticated
Sentence-a gentlemanly and urbane host of elegant dinner parties

Meaning- to take and keep (something, such as power) in a forceful or violent way 
and especially without the right to do so
Synonym-pirate, seize, take over,
Sentence-Some people have accused city council members of trying to usurp the 
mayor's power.

Meaning- an imaginary place in which the government, laws, and social conditions 
are perfect
Synonym-fantasyland, heaven, lotusland
Sentence-It's a nice place to live, but it's no Utopia

Meaning- angry and bitter
Synonym- acrid, bitter, embittered, hard
Sentence-He went through an acrimonious divorce.

Meaning- the ability to think clearly and make good decisions
Synonym- clear-sightedness, sharpness, shrewdness, wit
Sentence-Her political acumen won her the election

Meaning- to make an official decision about who is right in a dispute
Synonym-adjudge, judge, arbitrate, decide, determine
Sentence-The board will adjudicate claims made against teachers.

Meaning-an often stated observation regarding something from common experience
Synonym-saying, aphorism,
Sentence-that old adage, “the early bird gets the worm”

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