Professional Knowledge Quiz for IBPS SO Marketing Officer 2017

Q1. The daily processing of corrections to customer accounts best exemplifies the processing mode of __________.

(a) batch processing
(b) real-time processing
(c) time-sharing
(d) off-line processing
(e) None of these

Q2. Which one of the following is a target  group for the marketing of internet banking? 
(a) All the customers
(b) All the educated customers
(c) All the computer educated
(d) Only creditors
(e) All of the above

Q3. In order to grow task, if a company takes its existing product/service to new markets, it is said to be deploying_______.
(a) Market penetration strategy
(b) Market development strategy
(c) Product development strategy
(d) All those given as options
(e) Diversification strategy

Q4. Which of the following is not included in the four strategies to assign objective, strategy and budget to each SBU as per BCG growth share matrix?
(a) invest
(b) divest
(c) harvest
(d) hold
(e) bold

Q5. The marketing concept for a cluster of complimentary products and services that are closely related in the minds of consumers but are sproad across a diverse set of industries, is____.
(a) Metamarket
(b) Synchronized marketing
(c) Vertical integration
(d) Horizontal integration
(e) Beta Market

Q6. Which concept is practiced for the products that buyers normally do not think of buying, such as insurance?

(a) other than those given as options
(b) trading concept
(c) selling concept
(d) product concept
(e) Production concept

Q7. Which of the following is a parameter for determining competitive position of company’s products?

(a) Historical profit margins
(b) Market growth rate
(c) Market share rate
(d) Overall market size
(e) Number of brands in portfolio

Q8. _________ is considered as debit market securities.
(a) fixed deposit of bank
(b) certificate of deposit
(c) shares stock
(d) preference stock
(e) mortagage loans

Q9. In growth-share matrix approach of boston consulting group______ are businesses with weak market share in low-growth market generating low profit.
(a) Stars
(b) Other than those given as options
(c) Dogs
(d) Question marks
(e) Cash cows

Q10. Merritt lynch uses a symbol of bull of implify strength and leadership. This is an example of _____ in service marketing?
(a) Visualization
(b) Other than those given as options
(c) association
(d) documentation
(e) physical representation

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