IBPS Clerk: One Word Substitution

1.A country ruled by two country ---- Condominium

2.A dramatic performance------- Masque

3.A lady’s purse----- Reticule

4.A man of odd habits -----Eccentric

5.A man who dances to the tunes of his wife ------Henpecked

6.A nation engaged in war -----Belligerent

7.A person behind time ------Antiquated

8.A person who wishes to throw his establishment ----Anarchist

9.A place of good climate -----Sanatorium

10.A place of washing dishes adjoining kitchen ------ Scullery

11.A religious song ---------------------------Hymn

12.A remarkable talent ------------------------- Prodigy

13.A short but amusing story ---------------- Anecdote

14.A verse letter------------------------- Epistle

15.Act of killing one’s wife------------------ Uxoricide

16.An animal story with a moral --------------- Fable

17.An instrument for viewing objects at a distance------ Telescope

18.An unknown person ------------ Anonymous

19.Animals living on land and in water---------- Amphibian

20.Appointment by two parties to settle a dispute----- Arbiter

21.Art of cutting tree and bushes into ornamental shape -- Topiary

22.At the same time --------------- Contemporary

23.Award given after death ------------- Posthumous

24.Borrow ideas and steal others words is called------ Plagiarism

25.Care taker of a public building--------- Custodian

26.Change one’s mind too quickly-------- Vacillation

27.Congratulate somebody in formal manner------- Felicitate

28.Contempt of God------------- Blasphemy

29.Creature having both male and female organs --Hermaphrodite

30.Cure for all disease----------- Panacea

31.Custom of having many husbands------- Polyandry

32.Custom of having many wives------------ Polygamy

33.Dealing of counterfeit things------------ Forgery

34.Disease which is spread by contact----------- Contagious

35.Doctor who treats children--------- Pediatrician

36.Equal in rank----------- Peer

धन्यवाद ली !!!

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