IBPS Clerk: Idioms and their Meanings

1.Achilles’ heels ---------------------------A small but fatal weakness​

2. Add fuel on fire ------------------------ To make a matter worse​

3. An axe to grind ------------------------Something done for selfish reasons​

4. An old flame ------------------ A person, one had a romantic relationship relationship with, in the past​

5. Bad blood ------------------------------- Enmity/ bitter relations​

​6. Bear the brunt of ----------------------- To bear the main part of something unpleasant​

7. Big gun ------------------------------------An influential person​

8. Bird of passage --------------------------One who comes occasionally​

9. Castles in the air ------------------------ Day dream/ a hope or desire unlikely to be realized​

10. Chicken hearted ----------------------- Lacking courage/ cowardly​

11. Cry for the moon -----------------------To desire the unattainable​

12. Cut a sorry figure------------------------To give a poor show​

13. Dance to one’s tune -------------------- Obeying one’s order​

14. Dark horse --------------------------------One who wins unexpectedly​

15. Democle’s sword ------------------------ Constant threat​

16. Dead letter -------------------------------A law or ordinance that is no longer enforced​

17. Eat humble pie --------------------------To apologize​

18. Eats one’s words-------------------------Take a statement back​

19. Elbow room ------------------------------ Sufficient scope to move or function​

20. Escape one’s lips ------------------------ Speak unintentionally or unexpectedly​

21. Fair and square -------------------------- In an honest way​

22. Fair sex ----------------------------------- Women​

23.Feather in the cap --------------------------Additional success

24. Fish out of water--------------------------Out of one’s usual and comfortable place​

25. Get away with ---------------------------- To escape​

26. Get down to ----------------------------- To attend to work seriously​

27. Get into hot water----------------------- Get into trouble​

28. Green room--------------------------- A lounge in a theatre or studio for the performers to get ready​

29. Hang by a thread--------------------- Be in a risky situation​

30. Hard nut to crack--------------------- A difficult problem to solve/ A person difficult to understand​

31. Have one’s way---------------------- The way one wants​

32. Have several irons in the fire ------- To be involved in many projects or activities at the same time​

33. High living ------------------------------Living with comfort and ease​

34. Hit the jackpot -------------------------Gaining a big/ great success (specially by luck)​

35. In full swing ---------------------------- At the height of activity​

36. In the long run------------------------- Ultimately​

37. Iron hand/ Iron fist -------------------- Rigorous control​

38. Jump to a conclusion ------------------To come to a conclusion prematurely​

39. Kangaroo court ------------------------- An illegal court​

40. Keep one’s finger crosses ------------- To wait expectantly​

41. Keep the ball rolling--------------------To maintain the progress of a project or plan​

42. Kith and kin------------------------------Blood relations​

43. Lady’s man------------------------------- A man who is fond of the company of women​

44. Left-handed compliment-------------- An insult disguised as a compliment​

45. Look off colours------------------------- Look ill or unhealthy​

46. Lump in the throat----------------------A tight or uncomfortable feeling in throat due to emotions​

47. Maiden speech------------------------- First speech​

48. Make a hash----------------------------- To mess up​

49. Make the best of both the worlds---------- Getting benefited from both the sides​

50. Make up one’s mind-------------------------- To decide​

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