आगामी परीक्षा के लिए इडियम्स एवं फ्रेस

1.Make off with ------------------------to run away with

2.Pass away ----------------------------------to die

3.To cry for the moon ---------------------Ask for the impossible

4.To make a pig of oneself ---------------------To over-eat

5.Donkey’s years ------------------------------A very long time

6.To pull one’s leg ------------------------------to joke; teasesomeone

7.To keep one’s fingers crossed ------------------To hopefervently

8.To call in question -----------------------------To disprove ordoubt

9.To talk through one’s hat ---------------------------To talkignorantly

10.To make up one’s mind -----------------------To decide

11.Hard and fast rules -----------------------------Rigid rules

12.To make one’s mouth water -----------------------Tostimulate one’s appetite

13.By word of mouth ----------------------------------By spokenmessage

14.To get the better of someone -------------------To takeadvantage of someone

15.To rub shoulders ---------------------------To come into closecontact

16.A snake in the grass -----------------------A hidden enemy

17.Between the devil and the deep blue sea -----------Between two dangers

18.Chew the cud -----------------------To discuss matters in aponderous manner, especially reminiscing

19.To kill two birds with one stone ----------------To achievetwo results with one effort

20.A close shave ---------------------A narrow escape

21.Chip off the old block -------------------------As good asone’s father

22.To pull a long face -----------------------------To look sad

23.Above board ---------------------------------Open and honest

24.To turn a deaf ear -----------------------------To ignore

25.To turn the tables -------------------------------To reverse thesituation

26.To call someone names -------------------------To abusesomeone

27.Above board --------------------------------Honest and open

28.Atarms length -------------------------To keep at a distance

29.At the eleventh hour ----------------------At the last moment

30.An apple of discord -----------------------A cause of quarrel

31.To burn one’s boats --------------------Go back on a decision

32.To build castles in the air --------------------Make imaginaryschemes

33.A burning question -------------------------An important topic

34.A brown study ---------------------------------Dreaming

35.Sitting on the fence ------------------------------Hesitatebetween two decisions

धन्यवाद ली 

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